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... and that's us

LINGUA MASTERS was founded in 1978 as a licensee of the international inlingua organization in Paderborn. We have been operating under the name Lingua Masters since 2010.


Today we are a team of approx. 30 employees, 25 of them from the field of foreign language training. We have over 40 years of experience in this area: open group courses, individual or private courses, crash courses, company courses, foreign courses, integration language courses and German as Foreign language and ...


... of course everything that goes with it: advice, grading, testing, organization as well as translations and interpreting.


We can usually respond immediately to a request for the common European languages, but also for languages ​​that are not as popular as Chinese or Russian.


We are accredited by the Federal Office as a carrier for integration courses and associated with the Board of Examinations of the University of Cambridge.


You can come to us for a training course or we can come to you, we use conference platforms and learning management systems for successful online training.


... the hand that guides you - calmly, with experience, patience, and competence

Lessons are a new scenario every day - nothing is canned. Many factors come together to play a role in your success: your motivation, the mood and harmony between participants and trainer, the room, the teaching material, the weather ...


With the background of their education, experience and personality and with the knowledge of all these factors, our trainers will always lead you into the foreign language with patience and personal commitment to ensure that you feel comfortable and achieve the desired success.


The trainers at LINGUA MASTERS are usually employees of the school who have no other task than to convey their mother tongue.


They have the appropriate educational qualifications and experience. In addition, many trainers are also qualified or experienced in commercial or technical areas.


... our method!

... unfortunately we don't have the Nuremberg funnel either, but a lot of experience ...

"There is a method in this" goes the much-loved saying when it recognizes a well-thought-out approach. For us, this is the way in which we achieve our common goal.


The direct method is an essential part of teaching. The decisive feature is the immediate use of the target language from day one - this applies to both beginners and advanced learners.


It is well known that learning is not just about your head alone. Therefore, in addition to a relaxed atmosphere, diverse techniques that appeal to the learner as a whole are required in order to achieve optimal results.

Role plays, discussions, short audio texts or videos, etc. ensure that language is conveyed in an appealing way. The focus of the programs is always on oral communication - and you as the participant are always the focus.


It goes without saying that the framework conditions must be right for optimal motivation: group size, uniform level of knowledge, coordinated learning material, organization and support -


as it is said, there is a method in this.

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